Piers Faccini - Tribe

Piers Faccini and his drummer Simoné were in San Francisco for a show at the Independent last month and had time to shoot. I originally had heard Piers from a take away show he had done with Camille in Paris, and when I learned that I would be shooting with him I was honored. We originally had planned to shoot outdoors, but thanks to San Francisco weather being a bit unpredictable we got rained out. Phone calls were made back and forth before finally deciding to shoot in his hotel room. I hopped in a cab and made my way over to their hotel, and once I arrived I was buzzed in and met with Piers in the lobby. Once we got to his room we setup everything and began filming.

Piers Faccini released a new album last month titled, My Wilderness. Make sure to check it out, and check him out in February when he will be returning to the US for a headlining tour.

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