Loyal Divide is an electronica group based out of Chicago and have been the supporting acts for Crystal Castles & Chromeo, and even Deadmau5. Their last release, Labrador, was released in 2008 and carried heavy industrial beats with layers upon layers of goodness. Their first full length LP, Bodice Ripper, was released earlier this year an surprisingly had nothing to do with romance novels as the title might suggest.

The album starts off with some heavy industrial drums and vocal sampling giving you a good feel in terms of what you’re about to experience. The vocals throughout the album are somewhat reminiscent of Junior Boys, while the beats often sometimes channel a bit of UNKLE. At times the album becomes almost hypnotizing with the sound of tribal drums, layered guitar riffs, and slap bass. The way the album goes from being so driven straight to mellow kickback is phenomenal, and not once did I feel like a single track was out of place. The album flows almost flawlessly, with the exception of some song endings going on for a bit too long. The Loyal Divide guys are definitely doing something right in a time that the electronica field is being overloaded with hipster beats.

Bodice Ripper is probably one of the better electronica albums I’ve heard all year, with unique rhythmic syncopation, and a perfectly layered sound-scape. If you’re a fan of electronica definitely give the album a listen, I have a feeling you’ll become a fan.

My Favorite Tracks:
Vision Vision

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