Let’s face it, the world is destined to end in 2012, so the least we can do is enjoy the year’s new music…

Mona – Self-Titled – February 21st
We will not have long to wait for the much anticipated debut from Mona. The band has enjoyed much critical acclaim from their Listen To Your Love EP, and spent the past year as one of the most buzzed about new acts.  This self produced effort will undoubtedly be placed under a microscope, with anyone looking for another excuse at a Kings of Leon comparison. If Mona can expand on the quality of songs released thus far, they will be able to live up to expectations.

Ingrid Michaelson – Human Again – January 24th
After taking a decent amount of time away from recording, Ingrid Michaelson will release her fifth full length, Human Again, at the end of January.  Her girl next door, singer-songwriter style has brought her past success, such as the platinum single “The Way I Am”.  Her first single for the forthcoming album, “Ghost”, finds her expanding a bit more on the pop side of what she does with this haunting love song.  Time will tell how she’s changed.

Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself  – March 6th
Perhaps most well known in the past few years for the song with some nifty whistling, don’t confuse Andrew Bird for some new comer. With a very impressive catalog of work, including six solo albums, this multi instrumentalist never fails to impress. Heavily incorporating classical music stylings into his music has helped him distance himself from the typical indie singer-songwriter. Fans of pure musicianship and casual listeners alike will surely not be disappointed.

The Shins – Port of Morrow – March
James Mercer  has become the last man standing in The Shins, and he will tour with a backing band, as well as putting the new record out through his own imprint. Port of Morrow will be the band’s first recording since they most acclaimed release, Wincing The Night Away which reached #2 on US charts. Reaching a decade of activity is rare for bands, and quite the accomplishment. Expectations are high and are sure to grow with the upcoming release of a single.

Queens of the Stone Age – TBA
The Queens are back.  Relatively quiet since their 2007 release Era Vulgaris, these past four plus years for Queens of the Stone Age have seen a rerelease of their album Rated-R, a tour in support of it, and a wide array of side projects by the members.  Founder and frontman Josh Homme’s project, Them Crooked Vultures along with Dave Grohl and Jon Paul Jones, being the most notable.  Perhaps, a look into the past and extra curricular rock and rolling will influence the new record, so just stay on the lookout for another solid release.

Mumford and Sons – TBA – Late 2012
The release of 2009 was Sigh No More, Mumford and Sons debut release.  It set the bar very, very high for the quartet and is one of the best indie folk releases of recent years.  Tentatively titled song “Ghosts That We Knew” has seen positive reactions, and is not drastically different from anything previously recorded.  It is absolutely one of the more notable releases of the new year, and will have people talking a lot, positively or not.

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