††† (Crosses) 

Deftones’ frontman Chino Moreno has this electronic side to his music, that seems to come out with his side projects.  ††† is entirely electronic, but is not too far from his work with Deftones.  The five songs are all pretty ambient and dark, something that goes hand in hand with his vocal style.  With not much besides his voice as the focal point of every track, his lyrics really take center stage, and are rather well written per usual.  This is not to say that the accompanying tracks aren’t great, because they really are, personally these are some of the most enjoyable ambient electronic style music I’ve heard.  Being that his main band is on a more lax schedule these days, Moreno is devoting more time to what was once a one off project.  In the coming year are a handful of California dates and a few festivals, as well as talks of a new ep.

††† EP
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Squid The Whale – new war.

After a bit of a wait from their previous release A Worrisome Voyage Through Inclement Weather, Squid The Whale has returned.  Equipped with four catchy, dance-y rock songs new war. makes up for lack of quantity with quality.  It is pointless to wonder why some bands break and others do not, and this is one of those cases.  Squid The Whale expands upon what they have previously done, but the highlight is the growth of singer Bradley Walden.  At times on AWVTIW his voice was reminiscent of Panic! At The Disco’s Brandon Urie, which is not the worst voice to be confused for, however those comparisons are no longer.  Walden truly shines on the final and acoustic track “Drown”, which finds him coping for not living up to himself, and letting people down in the process.

Squid The Whale – new war.
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Phantogram – Nightlife EP

Phantogram’s Nightlife EP picks up right where their debut, Eyelid Movies, left off.  Their pop electro sound has been put more into focus, undoubtedly a result of constant touring.  This release propels them into the conversation of bands that won’t fade out on their way to another album.  All of the songs found on the EP are very two sided; you could hear them at a club, or listen while you go for a relaxing drive.  Looking to solidify their place amongst the indie electro genres Phantogram is still in the up and coming phase of their career, but will undoubtedly stick around with tracks like these.

Phantogram – “Don’t Move”
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Phantogram – “Turning Into Stone”
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/25873683″]


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