The Roots recently released a short film version of ‘undun‘ featuring several tracks off their latest studio album. Since the film is only a little over nine minutes in length, it cannot fully explain the motivations and choices of its main character through dialogue and character interaction like fans of the acclaimed television drama “The Wire” were accustomed to enjoying. Rather, The Roots rely on select tracks off ‘undun’ as well as quotes from the band and other luminaries to fill in the blanks. While The Roots describe the film’s main character as “thoughtful,” after several pawn shop exchanges, it’s understandable that the viewer, due to the brevity of the film, will assume the main character’s motivation is singular, described best by Big K.R.I.T.‘s lyric on the track “Make My“:

“I did it all for the money, Lord.”

via: Spin, Nah Right

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