England, has produced quite a few rock bands that we have all come to know and love.  From Muse to Biffy Clyro to Band of Skulls, there is a wide range of rock music being produced across the pond.  I came across I Am Hope towards the beginning of this year, and was hooked on their song “Shameless”.

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I Am Hope – Shameless

Their EP The Fabrication Of Secrets was just as impressive, and made me wish I could see them live anywhere.  They are a young band, but exhibit potential to grow the way Biffy Clyro has over the years.  Biffy started as a band that started within their limits of a three piece act, culminating in the release of Only Revolutions.  Sure, it is premature to say a band with only two EPs to their name could reach those levels, but every act starts somewhere and at the start you either have it or you don’t.  The vocals are there, the music is there, and the songwriting has developed, so now it’s a matter of time and work.  Yes, it is fair to say that my enjoyment of the band may be swaying my opinion to think they have a future ahead of them, and these two EPs may be all they ever put out.  However, I highly doubt that, and think before long I Am Hope will be touring with the bigger names of England.

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I Am Hope

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