The Joy Formidable -  The Big Roar
The Joy Formidable – The Big Roar

Female singers usually attract an immediate label to their music, fair or not.  Either you’re a Paramore copy, or an indie band.  Plenty of these lady fronted bands have done well, but have not really distanced themselves from one another.  Acts such as Metric, Kitten, and The Duke Spirit are all great bands, but for argument’s sake rather similar.  The Joy Formidable with their first release, The Big Roar, have shied away from the indie side of indie-rock things, and focused more on the rock.  With tracks like “The Magnifying Glass” and “Whirring”, they solidify themselves as a more aggressive, albeit indie-rock band today.  This has helped them open up for bands like Foo Fighters, a big push for their career.  The CD has its quieter moments, but for all intensive purposes, this is a true indie and rock album.

The Joy Formidable – Whirring
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The Parlor Mob - Dogs
The Parlor Mob – Dogs

Sometimes albums are meant for the mainstream, but just do not truly connect.  That is because the music is either too bad, or too good.  In the case of The Parlor Mob, they are way, way too good.  There is not one skippable track on this album, not one.  The growth of the band from their previous effort, And You Were A Crow, to Dogs, is extraordinary.  They have taken contemporary acts like Foo Fighters and Muse, and threw them into a blender, with Led Zeppelin and Creedence Clearwater Revival.  The end product speaks for itself; top notch songwriting, with every guitar part, vocal, and rhythm layering each other the way rock records should.  The Parlor Mob displays a full bag of tricks with songs ranging from driving rock, to ballads, and various mid tempos in between.  iTunes awarded it rock album of the year and it is well deserved.  This will not disappoint you.

The Parlor Mob – Into The Sun
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Heights - Dead Ends
Heights – Dead Ends

With this record, Heights is putting the hardcore scene on watch.  Despite what heavy bands may do in order to sell records, this band says it’s still fine to sound pissed off and utterly disgusted with the world.  By not having much music or years to their name, this record went rather unnoticed here in the US.  However in England and Europe, this lot is picking up speed, as they are set to open Architects’ December tour.  Dead Ends could be best described as hardcore, but there are a lot of experimental elements to their sound, which includes some spacey guitars and epic gang vocals.  These guys have a lot of growing to do, but are starting out brutally solid.

Heights – Eye For An Eye
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